Our values defined by passion. driven by science dedicated to you

Our Values

Defined by passion. Driven by science. Dedicated to you.

Our Values

Defined by passion. Driven by science. Dedicated to you.

You want to live a longer, healthier life.

At Life Extension, you come first. Everything else comes second. That’s why we’ve funded over $180 million toward anti-aging and disease research. And we don’t plan to stop anytime soon, because it’s paying off. Our pursuit of innovation has already made life better for millions of people.


Your health is deeply personal. Understanding your body is the key to lasting wellness. At Life Extension, we connect with you as an individual, empowering you with the knowledge you need to reach your goals and live your best life.


Our formulas deliver nutrients and dosages that have been studied through clinical research. But, we constantly refine them as research opens new doors. We use only the finest raw ingredients, and rigorously verify every product’s ingredients through independent lab testing.


Independent research is the cornerstone of our mission. We fund studies, provide raw materials and lend our expertise to those pioneering new ways to advance wellness. Together, our quest to uncover answers will lead us all to richer, healthier lives.


We have stood before Congress. We have pushed the boundaries of science, even partnered with those at the frontier of machine learning. We are willing to fight for a future where the richness of health and longevity is available to everyone.

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Our History

Life Extension has always been dedicated to your wellness. Whether contributing to significant discoveries, providing support to the international scientific community, or recommending groundbreaking protocols that have since become standard practice — we’ve had one mission: empowering you to live a healthier life.

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