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Sex drive can take a nosedive with age and hormonal changes—but your sexual health and function is just as important as other aspects of your health and is essential to your quality of life! Maintain healthy stamina, no matter your age, with supplements that help support your overall sexual wellness.

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Sexual Health

These supplements were specially formulated to address your changing needs as you age when it comes to sexual function.

Men's Sexual Health

Supporting men’s sexual function starts with prostate health, nitric oxide support and healthy testosterone levels. These formulas address each of these specific needs.

Women's Sexual Health

Women don’t have to take menopause lying down. These nutrients fight the hormonal changes women can experience with age and support their overall sexual health and function.

Best supplements for sexual health

Your health is personal—especially in the bedroom. And age can make it harder to maintain the same level of sex drive and desire you had in your younger years. Fortunately, there are several dietary supplements that are specifically designed to support a vibrant sex life, which is central to your overall well-being.

For men, start with nutrients that encourage nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide helps relax blood vessels that enable blood flow—key to supporting healthy sexual activity (including erectile function) in men. The amino acid L-arginine—which can be found alone or in combination with other nitric oxide supportive nutrients like chokeberry and French maritime pine bark—is a great option. Other supplement recommendations include carnitine for general male sexual function, and the combination of lignan extract, chrysin, Muira puama and zinc for healthy levels of testosterone.

For women, sexual health support is often about combatting those less-than-desirable effects of menopause. Nutrients formulated for menopause support and healthy sexual function include Siberian rhubarb and other root extracts (including dong quai and Korean angelica) for comprehensive menopause relief. Cordyceps and maca root support women’s sexual comfort as well.

Are ginseng and ashwagandha aphrodisiacs?

Turns out these mighty herbs may have some mighty benefits! There are many sources of aphrodisiacs, ingredients, foods and nutrients that support overall sexual function, including ginseng and ashwagandha.

Ginseng is an herb traditionally used in Asia that’s well known for its energy management benefits—but its benefits go beyond that. Ginseng can also help keep you energetic in the bedroom! Ginseng intake has been associated with healthy libido and overall sexual performance. Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that’s been studied for its stress-modulating properties, has also been discussed for its ability to promote sexual desire, pleasure, and overall sex-related performance.

Does black ginger promote healthy male sexual function?

Not only does black ginger support healthy male sexual function, but this herb also has been touted for its benefits for men’s sexual health for years. Native to Southeast Asia, black ginger helps support nitric oxide synthesis and relaxes the blood vessels in the body to promote healthy blood flow—where and when men need it most.

It’s true that the mind and the body are intimately connected when it comes to sex. Notably, black ginger encourages a healthy response to sexual stimuli in the brain, while inhibiting the activity of an enzyme that can impact male sexual response. This makes black ginger a great complement to any testosterone supportive regimens.

Does maca root promote sexual function in women?

Maca root is a must when it comes to supporting overall sexual function in women—especially once menopause comes knocking! Because this natural dip in estrogen can come with some discomforts, including vaginal dryness and hot flashes, it can be harder for women to get “in the mood.” Peri- and post-menopausal women also may find their sexual drive and comfort impacted by these hormone shifts.

That’s where maca, native to the Andean region in Peru, comes in. This nutrient has not only been studied for improving sexual response, it also has been shown to support overall sexual function in women—and when combined with cordyceps extract, has even greater benefits.

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