Hydrating Moisturizers

What is a moisturizer?

You can scrub, cleanse and tone your face for clear, clean skin, but if you haven’t incorporated a moisturizing cream with ceramides, hyaluronic acid or stem cells, you may be missing the most important step in your anti-aging skincare routine. A moisturizer helps hydrate your skin from within, leaving you with glowing, supple skin day or night.

Just as your body needs to stay hydrated throughout the day for your vital organs to perform, your skin needs adequate hydration for it to look and feel its best. With consistency, dedication and high-quality products, you can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—and not just on your face! For total body skincare, moisturize everywhere.


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How to hydrate skin day and night

Day Creams: Start each day with a high-quality moisturizer that contains essential, skin-nourishing nutrients like vitamin A to encourage the healthy production of collagen, while supporting skin elasticity and firmness all day long. A hydrating daily moisturizer will also encourage skin-cell renewal and inhibit free radicals to promote healthy DNA.

Is soft skin a goal? Choose a moisturizer with added natural ingredients like shea butter and green tea leaf extract.

Night Creams: Fight the signs of aging while you sleep by applying a hydrating moisturizer on your face prior to going to bed. As you sleep, hydrating ceramides from rice bran will nourish your skin, so you’ll wake up to a more youthful looking and vibrant complexion. An added bonus in a high-quality night cream is melatonin, which will help protect against oxidative stress and help your skin retain a soft, smooth look and feel.

For even more moisture, add a hydrating cream that contains stem cells, which help stimulate skin renewal, targeting the outer layer of skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Stem cells help maintain optimal skin hydration by revitalizing moisture capacity at the surface of your skin.

Moisturize with serums and mists

Want to take your anti-aging routine to the next level? Add moisturizing serums and mists to enhance the hard work your moisturizers are doing, day and night!

A serum can be used before applying moisturizer to enhance your skin’s dewiness while fighting age spots and other discoloration. After you’ve cleansed, applied serums and moisturized, the perfect finishing touch is a moisturizing mist. Keep a moisturizing mist with you all day long for added hydration and radiating, glowing skin from dawn to dusk. A facial mist supports optimal skin hydration levels by rehydrating and refreshing the layers of your skin with essential skin-nourishing vitamins A & D. Combined with a concentrated tea blend for antioxidant protection, a face mist is the next best thing to a cream to promote a more radiant, glowing appearance.

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