Supplements for Men

Men’s health is unique. And as they age, their health needs change. Daily supplementation, combined with a well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle, is key to supporting overall health in men. Luckily, there are specific high-quality dietary supplements and vitamins for men to help them stay in their best shape—especially as they get older.

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Men's Health

There are certain essential vitamins and supplements that help keep a man healthy—they support energy and muscle strength, a healthy inflammatory response and whole-body health.

Prostate Health

Prostate health is a critical part of a man’s overall quality of life. And supplements for men aren’t complete without nutrients like saw palmetto, zinc and more for healthy prostate function.

Hormone Balance

Hormone balance is directly tied to several aspects of men’s health, including healthy testosterone production, muscle function and overall well-being. Key nutrients support these vital processes.

Sexual Health

Don’t leave intimacy behind as you get older—these targeted supplements support nitric oxide flow and boost men's sexual function and response.

Vitamins and Minerals

Man or woman, everyone should take a multivitamin—they contain essential nutrients and amino acids, alongside the letter vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins.

Best supplements for men  

Some of the best supplements for men are those that support overall health. Foundational supplements that meet all of a man's nutritional needs are an obvious starting point—namely, a multivitamin to cover all your bases. Men's multivitamins can help fill in the gaps that your diet may be lacking—even people who eat a healthful diet need a little help. For best results, choose a multi that contains the bioactive forms of vitamins.

Another essential for men is omega-3 fish oil. Not only is it a heart health marvel, omega-3 fatty acids are also great for keeping your brain sharp and your joints comfortable. Fish oil can be found in several forms, including easy-to-swallow softgels and fish oil gummies.

Rounding out the foundational supplements for men are turmeric extract for promoting a healthy inflammatory response, which is vital to maintaining whole-body health—and CoQ10, a heart health superstar that's also famous for supporting youthful energy levels.

While covering your bases is a smart part of supplementing, don't forget to focus on men's unique needs as well. Supplements for men should also target prostate health, urinary health, hormone balance and sexual health.

Top supplements for supporting healthy testosterone levels

Muscle strength, bone mass and sexual performance are important to a man's overall well-being—and optimal testosterone levels are vital to each of these functions. The top testosterone supplements for men are designed to support healthy levels of testosterone. And because testosterone levels can decline over time, maintaining that optimal hormone balance is a necessary part of a man's healthy aging strategy. Fortunately, certain extracts can help.

The combination of pomegranate, cacao and luteolin is an excellent option for youthful free and total testosterone levels. These ingredients work together to inhibit the activity of an enzyme that can impact testosterone production, so that these levels stay where you want them.

Another great option is the multi-nutrient combination of muira puama, chrysin, maca, spruce and nettle root. These plant-based extracts support youthful hormone metabolism, inhibit testosterone-to-estrogen conversion, and promote healthy testosterone levels. And don't forget about DHEA—keeping the body's most abundant circulating hormone in balance is key to keeping your testosterone levels in balance.

Which supplements should men over 50 take?

It should come as no surprise that getting older can come with its own age-related challenges—but fear not! Whether those normal changes are impacting your energy levels and muscle mass, or even your sex drive, there are supplements that support your testosterone levels to keep you feeling youthful for the long term.

If you don't want your sex drive to drive off into the sunset, look no further than nitric oxide supplements, supplements that include pine bark extract and L-arginine, to rev up a healthy sexual response. Black ginger extract is also well known for boosting men's sexual function. For prostate and urinary health, ingredients that promote beta-sitosterol production, including saw palmetto, pygeum, and nettle root are exactly what you need! Combination formulas that also include carotenoid lycopene for prostate size and function, pumpkin seed for healthy urinary patterns, and pollen extracts that inhibit inflammation to support prostate health should be your go-tos in your 50s and beyond.

And no regimen is complete without specific vitamins like vitamin D for whole-body health (especially your bone health and immune function), vitamin C for heart health, and vitamin B12 for brain support. Vitamin K and calcium are also great options for keeping your bones (and the rest of you) strong as you age.

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Men's Health

Men's Health

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