Discover LE rewards free perks

Discover LE Rewards:
FREE Perks!

Discover LE Rewards:
FREE Perks!

Being healthy is its own reward, but we think you deserve some perks for choosing The Science of a Healthier Life®. That's why we offer you 2% LE Dollars with every purchase, no fees or membership required.

And that's not all. We sweeten the deal with additional ways to save, stack up rewards, and get the most from your Life Extension partnership!

Plus, explore ways to earn even more!

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Premier Rewards

The Loyalty Program That Pays for Itself...Instantly!

Sign up for Premier for $49.95 and get an instant $50 LE Dollar credit you can use on your purchase. Then get ready to really rake in the rewards:

4% LE Dollars back on every purchase - twice as much as Your Healthy Rewards

Unlimited free shipping for 12 months

Special savings, exclusive perks...and more!



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LE Dollars FAQs

A) Your Healthy Rewards is a rewards program offered exclusively by Life Extension®. With Your Healthy Rewards, you earn LE Dollars back on every qualifying purchase you make from Life Extension.
A) With the Your Healthy Rewards program, you earn a percentage of the price of every qualifying purchase back in the form of LE Dollars. You’ll earn 2% LE Dollars back as a participant in Your Healthy Rewards, and 4% LE Dollars back if you participate in Premier Premium Rewards.
A) LE Dollars are a form of credit you can use to purchase qualifying Life Extension products and services or to pay for standard shipping costs.
A) LE Dollars are redeemable for qualifying goods and services available from Life Extension, such as products, lab tests, sale items, and standard shipping fees. LE Dollars are redeemable at the rate of $1 LE Dollar = $1 dollar US currency. Please note: LE Dollars have no actual cash value.
A) You earn LE Dollars on all your qualifying purchases, which include merchandise and services purchased directly from Life Extension. Note that shipping fees, Premier program fees, the purchase of gift cards, and any purchases made with LE Dollars or gift cards do not qualify for accrual of LE Dollars.
A) Participating in Your Healthy Rewards is easy. Just start shopping! You’re automatically enrolled in Your Healthy Rewards when you create an account with Life Extension on the website or over the phone with us. You’ll earn 2% LE Dollars back on your purchase when your product ships and your method of payment is charged.
A) Redeeming your LE Dollars is simple. When you reach the method of payment page during online checkout, you’ll have the option to redeem all or a portion of your already-accrued LE Dollars toward all or part of your qualifying purchase costs. If you’re ordering by phone, simply tell your customer service representative that you’d like to redeem LE Dollars for all or part of your purchase.
A) You do NOT earn LE Dollars on shipping fees, Premier Premium Rewards fees, the purchase of gift cards, or on any portion of purchases made with a gift card or LE Dollars.
A) No. Because LE Dollars only accrue once your purchase has shipped, you can only use LE Dollars earned from your current order toward a future Life Extension purchase.
A) We'll automatically tally your LE Dollars for you, whether you order online or via phone. PLEASE NOTE: When you order online, you MUST log in at checkout to earn LE Dollars — customers who check out “as guest” will NOT accrue LE Dollars, even if they have an existing account with Life Extension.
A) Your Healthy Rewards participants earn 2% LE Dollars back on every qualifying purchase.
A) Premier participants earn 4% LE Dollars back on every qualifying purchase.
A) Participating in Premier is also easy. Just go to and enroll. Premier gives you a $50 LE Dollar bonus as soon as you sign up, as well as 4% LE Dollars back on every qualifying purchase and FREE unlimited standard shipping service for 1 year to U.S. addresses. Premier costs only $49.95 for US residents and varies for international customers — making it the ultimate way to earn more rewards!
A) No, you do not earn LE Dollars on Premier enrollment fees or shipping costs.
A) No. You cannot use your LE Dollars to pay for Premier enrollment fees. You CAN use LE Dollars to pay for regular shipping costs, however.
A) When your order is shipped and your method of payment is charged, you will see the LE Dollars earned for that transaction in your account. Your accrued LE Dollars are available for you to view on the “My Account” page. Your accrued LE Dollars will also appear on your pick ticket and e-mail confirmation.
A) No. Once you’ve earned your LE Dollars, they never expire.
A) No, LE Dollars may only be redeemed for qualifying purchases from Life Extension.
A) The Your Healthy Rewards program is completely FREE. There is no annual fee or cost to sign up. The Premier program costs $49.95 annually for US residents and varies for residents outside of the United States ordering directly from Life Extension. For a list of fees for Premier for international Life Extension customers serviced by specified distributors, please see the chart at
A) Both Your Healthy Rewards and Premier participants enjoy exclusive Life Extension benefits: FREE access to our expert team of Wellness Specialists and a complimentary 12-month subscription to Life Extension Magazine® with any purchase within the past 12 months.
A) For Your Healthy Rewards participants, your subscription will begin with your first qualifying purchase and run for 12 months. For Premier participants, your subscription will begin when you enroll in Premier and run for 12 months.