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Bone & Joint

Bone & Joint

No bones about it—certain supplements can help you move with more comfort!

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Vitamins for Joint Health

A healthy diet along with regular exercise are essential building blocks for optimal health and wellness. But if you want to put even more spring in your step each day, it is important to help support your body's major bones and joints that, well… help support you! By incorporating essential nutrients like hyaluronic acid, calcium, collagen, krill oil and other joint support supplements into your daily health routine, you will be able to help maintain optimal bone health and  keep your joints healthy– no matter what your age.

Joint Health Supplements with Hyaluronic Acid

Day after day, your bones support you, so it's important to support the joints that hold them together with joint support supplements. Your best bet is to choose an essential nutrient that supports and protects joint health. Hyaluronic acid is a great place to start. This essential and natural component of the skin and joints helps support healthy joint lubrication and overall comfort. It also promotes healthy joint tissue growth.

Collagen for Joint Support

When it comes to joint support, you can count on collagen as your go-to joint supplement! Type II collagen is the main form of collagen that is found in your joint cartilage, and it supports joint mobility, helps relieve joint discomfort and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

Other Joint Support Supplements: Krill Oil

You do not have to go deep sea diving to reap the benefits of krill oil for joint support. In fact, these nautical nutrients are filled with essential fatty acids that help lubricate and cushion joints as well as help inhibit inflammatory factors to support healthy joints.

Calcium for Joint Care and Joint Health

As you age, the calcium levels in your bones and joints start to decrease, which affects your mobility and range of motion. That's why any bone-healthy supplement routine should include calcium, which is an essential nutrient, as well as the foundation for strong and healthy bones and joints.

Plant Extracts & Joint Supplements

For strong bones and healthy joints, turn to herbs found in nature – especially plant extracts like Boswellia serrata, which has been used in Africa and Asia for centuries. Studies show this nutrient promotes optimal joint health and strong cartilage by inhibiting unfavorable enzymes, supporting healthy fatty acid levels and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

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Bone & Joint

Bone & Joint

No bones about it—certain supplements can help you move with more comfort!



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