Immune Support Supplements

Your immune health isn’t just important; it’s an essential part of keeping your whole body healthy! Supporting your immune response with supplements that power up your defenses can help you tackle whatever comes your way.

Immune Senescence Protection Formula™

Immune response support, advanced formula


Immune Support

Make sure your natural defenses are ready for anything with choices that can help your immune system thrive.

Seasonal Immune and Nasal Support

The change of seasons sometimes comes with challenges. Keep your immune and nasal health strong all year long with targeted nutrients.

Lung Health

Whether you’re concerned about air quality or just want to be proactive, breathing easy just got easier with supplements that support healthy lungs and respiratory function.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Go beyond the gut—these pre- and probiotics are specially formulated to keep your immune system functioning at its best.

Amino Acids

Also known as the building blocks of life, amino acids are key for healthy immune function. These choices are an important part of any stay-well strategy.

What are immune support supplements?

We all want to stay well, and that means making sure we fight immune challenges head-on. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle (including optimal sleep and a balanced diet) is important, immune-supporting supplements are the best way to mount a strong defense against anything that might come your way. These supplements help keep your immune system strong so your body can fight back in the face of challenges.

When it comes to supplements, don't stray far from the classics! Staples that should be in everyone's regimen include zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D. Other well-known nutrients for general immune support include garlic, ginger and curcumin extracts, as well as the hormone DHEA. You can even help nip immune challenges in the bud with flower power—supplements that contain echinacea and peony support balanced immune cell activity. And don't forget: health starts in the gut. Certain strains of probiotics are known for their immune-modulating properties.

Is zinc good for assisting your immune health during seasonal challenges?

Yes! While zinc is one of the best ways to support your overall immune function, a zinc supplement can help you get a leg up on your defense when seasonal challenges occur. This essential mineral encourages a robust immune response at the first signs of challenges. When it comes specifically to seasonal support, zinc acetate should be one of your go-to choices.

If you want to further “zinc up” your immune defense and combat any seasonal challenges that come your way, consider taking zinc with other vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C and zinc.

Best supplements for lung health

There's nothing like a breath of fresh air. But sometimes environmental factors can be tough on our lungs. Luckily, there are supplements to support lung and respiratory health, including Boswellia, Indian Bael fruit, saffron and andrographolide. Each of these extracts provide lung support in several ways: they inhibit inflammatory factors to support lung health, help relax airways, and even encourage healthy lung tissue function.

Other options for healthy respiratory function include antioxidants such as N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) to support glutathione production, an essential part of immune function, along with quercetin and selenium to fight oxidative stress. Finally, bromelain, an enzyme found in the stem of pineapples, can help your lung health by supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Is cistanche good for supporting your immune system?

Cistanche is a great option for supporting your immune system. It contains a compound that helps rejuvenate the immune system by stimulating naïve T-cell development, a type of cell that attacks new invaders. After naïve T-cells encounter a new challenge, they remember it and become a memory T-cell—making the cells better equipped to fight back against later challenges. Through this process, cistanche promotes a healthy ratio of naïve-to-memory T-cells.

If you're looking for a multinutrient formula, look for supplements that include cistanche, reishi mushroom and Pu-erh tea extracts. The combination of these nutrients helps inhibit immune senescence, so you can keep your immune system in top fighting form.

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