How To Start & Manage A Mechanic Shop At Home? Ultimate Guide

Being a boss is everyone’s dream but only a few get to accomplish the dream of starting their own business.

Starting a mechanic shop can be quite expensive just like starting every other business but before starting up, there are a couple of things that are needed to be done to operate a successful mechanic shop at home.

Before getting into the business of being a mechanic, you must have gathered sufficient training on learning how to fix cars and fix them well.

To have a successful mechanic business, you need to be able to satisfy your customers so they can come back to your workshop.

If you do not have the required training to practice as a mechanic, you can always take a course.

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There are also courses online that you can take to get training on car repairs and maintenance.

Courses like Autoshop 101, where you can get resources to learn as a mechanic. They also provide practice tests for students.

Other training institutes that offer training to mechanics online are Ashworth college which offers a 4-month online training in Automotive Technician Training Program.

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Also, you can try training at the Penn Foster Career school which offers a six months intensive program for people aspiring to become mechanics.  They offer training on vehicles and heavy-duty truck maintenance.

They offer four diplomas for aspiring mechanics in Auto Repair Technician, Motorcycle Repair Technician, Diesel Mechanics/Heavy Truck Maintenance and Small Engine Repair.

They offer ASE certifications to their trained mechanics. After receiving your training as a mechanic and if you have already gained experience as a mechanic working for people, you may want to start your own mechanic workshop.

If you do not have money to rent out a space to start your business, you can always create your mechanic workshop in your home.

Some people prefer to convert their garage at home to mechanic workshop rendering services to customers there every day.

Turning your home garage into a workshop is not the only thing you need to do to get started with your mechanic business.


How To Start Your Mechanic Shop in Your Home

In this article, we will guide you on how to start your mechanic shop in your home


  1. Be a Certified Mechanic

You may have acquired your training through experience working with people but you should have to get an ASE certificate to be able to have access to liability insurance. Getting certified gives you a credible standing and customers can feel confident that you know what you are doing.


  1. Organize your business plan

Every business requires a plan. Knowing your projected costs and starting expenses is a good place to start before opening your mechanic shop.

Even though you may have saved up on the cost of renting a workspace, you still need to spend money in making alterations, buying equipment and setting up your workspace.

Also, you have to put in mind cost of registration fees and all other startup expenses.

  1. Have a specialty

When starting your mechanic business, you need to choose what area of vehicle repairs you want to concentrate on.

One of the benefits of getting the ASE certification is that you can choose from sixteen (16) specialties in smaller vehicles, buses, and even trucks.

You can choose to work on a particular car manufacturer brand or even decide to focus your practice on brakes, tires or special parts of vehicles.

Before you start your business, you have to decide what you want to do. Conduct a market research or survey, choose your target market and know the demand before you start.

  1. Know your competitors

You can’t be the only one around with a mechanic shop. Take a tour around your area and know what services other mechanics in the area are rendering to customers.

Find out information about their pricing and operations. The best way to stand out is by being ahead of your competitors.

Knowing their strategy gives you an added advantage when opening your mechanic workshop.

  1. Register your business

Every business requires a license in every state. It is important to get a business license before commencing operations in your garage.

Find out the operating laws in your environment and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements before setting up your business.

A mechanic workshop demands that you get a liability insurance. Ensure you comply with legal requirements such as opening a corporate account for payroll and for tax reporting.

You may need to employ the services of a lawyer to prepare and file your incorporation documents along with other legal documentation.


  1. Hire some assistance

It can’t be easy having to do all the work alone when you set up your mechanic workshop in your home.

You have to hire a customer service support that would assist you in handling administrative duties like receiving customers and telephone calls.

Preparing quotations, scheduling appointments and booking repairs services for customers. You may also need to hire additional hands to help in the garage.

how to start your mechanic shop

  1. Spread the word

Your mechanic workshop may be up and running but what good will that do if you do not have customers.

Spread the word to your neighbors, friends, and families about your new workshop. Marketing plays a very crucial role in any new business.

If possible, you may need to do a grand opening or launching of your new mechanic workshop to attract people to know what it is you do.

You can offer discounts on first-day services to attract people to your workshop. Let your work speak for itself.

After opening your mechanic workshop at home, you need to ensure that to render quality services to keep customers coming to your doorstep for your services.

Also, ensure that you reward your loyal customers with discounts to keep them coming back.


To manage your business effectively, you need to set up a customer database to enable you to follow up with your customers on your services.

Have good relationships with auto parts car dealers so you get the best discount rates.  Most of all offer your customers good customer service before and after your service with them.