How to Pick the Perfect String Trimmer For Your Lawn

If you have a garden, then you would agree with me that taking care of the lawn is not an easy task since it requires regular maintenance and a lot of time as well.

First off, to keep the lawn looking healthy and in good size, you need to add fertilizer, water it and also trim it.

On the other hand, other plants and weeds tend to grow there as well and sometimes these weeds can end up damaging your lawn.

To be able to remove these growing plants and weeds from your garden without damaging the grass, you can use a string trimmer.

How to Pick the Perfect String Trimmer For Your Lawn

A string trimmer is a sharp tool that is used for cutting different item in the garden without damaging the grass.


How to pick the perfect string trimmer for your lawn

The type

There are three types of trimmers on the market to choose from. One type is powered by electricity, the other one by gas and the last is a brush cutter.

The choice of the three trimmers will be determined by your location and use. For example, an electric string trimmer requires an electric connection for it to function.

This means that if you are using it far from an area with the electric source or if you have a power outage in your home, this device will not work for you.

On the other hand, a gas-powered string trimmer is the most efficient trimmer to work with since is powered by different gases.

Just make sure that you choose a gas that is available in your location such that if it runs out, you will be able to access it in your nearby outlets.

The purpose

The reason that you need string trimmer for helps you in choosing the best and most reliable tool.

Some of the things that you need to consider when choosing the tool regarding the purpose is the area that you need to cover.

Do you need it for cutting weed or unwanted grass from large areas or from a tight section?

If you are cutting these objects from a tight spot, you will need a device that is small in size such that you will not damage the lawn in your garden.

But if it is a large pace, maybe a portion of your garden, then getting a large wheeled string trimmer will be effective for you.

Perfect String Trimmer

The weight

You don’t need a device that will drain your energy especially if you are working on large areas of the garden.

So, before you even pay for the string trimmer, make sure that it is light in weight such that you will be able to work comfortably and finish your work too.  This is mainly essential for those who would want to buy handheld string trimmer.

But if you want a heavy trimmer, check out the available features to ensure that you will be able to carry it.

For example, ensure it has wheels for easy pushing and pulling and should have a handle to make the work easy.

The price

How much are you willing to spend in buying string trimmer? Well, your budget will determine the quality and also the type of trimmer to buy.

Handheld string trimmers are always cheaper as compared to the wheeled trimmer.

The type of power will also determine the price since the gas string trimmers are relatively expensive as compared to gas and brush cutter.

The cutting width

How much width can the device cut in the garden? If you want a tool that will cut a large chunk of grass at once, then you need to select a string trimmer that has long cutting width.

string trimmer

But if you are working on tight spots, a low cutting width too would be the perfect choice to make sure that you don’t damage the rest of the grass in your garden.


A string trimmer is an essential tool that enables us to keep the lawn healthy and free of other unwanted plants and weeds.

Well, aside from getting a durable string trimmer, you also need a trimmer that is safe for your garden such that it will not damage your grass when using it.

So, focus on the size, and also consider your grass type to be able to select the perfect string trimmer for you.