Hormone Balance Supplements

Think of your hormone levels like a scale: balance is key, and certain supplements can help tip them in the right direction. From supporting your mood and metabolism to your energy levels, and even making sure your libido functions properly, hormone balance supplements can help you enjoy your best health, even as you age.

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Hormone Balance

Hormonal balance supplements support optimal hormone levels vital for your well-being. You’d be surprised at the wide array of nutrients that help you stay in balance—from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and extracts like DIM, to more widely used supplements such as omega-3s and vitamin D and E.


Hormones are essential to our whole-body health, but our levels decline as we age. Supplementing with hormones like DHEA and pregnenolone can ensure that you keep your levels right where you want them.

Men's Hormone Balance

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is key to healthy hormone balance in men—and it’s not the only hormone that needs attention as a man ages. Luckily, there are formulas designed specifically to address men’s needs.

Women's Hormone Balance

Women have specific hormonal needs that are key to overall health. Adding targeted nutrition can help ensure important estrogen levels are kept in check—in perimenopause, menopause and beyond!

Best supplements for women's hormone balance

Hormone balance for women is just that—a balance. And there are specific female hormones that undergo changes as a part of aging. If you want to prioritize hormonal health in women, start with menopause supplements.

Menopause is a normal (but not necessarily welcome) part of the aging process for women. It can come with discomforts like hot flashes and mood swings alongside changes in your menstrual cycle. Estrogen supplements counteract these effects. While most don't actually contain estrogen, nutrients like hops extract, licorice root and Norway spruce support healthy estrogen metabolism and menopause relief. Broccoli extract, dong quai and chasteberry are also good options for optimal hormone metabolism. For menopausal and post-menopausal women looking to support their sex drive, cordyceps and maca root support healthy sexual comfort, function and response.

Other options for women's hormone health include inositol (usually as myo-inositol), a mood support supplement that helps maintain healthy hormone levels, soy extract to mimic estrogen-like activity in the body for a healthy heart and brain, and calcium D-glucarate to help clear unwanted hormones and other toxins from the body. 

Best supplements for men's hormone balance

Just like women, men need nutrients that address all the unique needs and challenges they have when it comes to hormone balance.

Testosterone (or T) health is essential for a man's mood, body composition and sexual health. And with aging, those T levels can decline. The combination of pomegranate, cacao and luteolin promotes healthy testosterone levels, function and production.

A comprehensive formula containing maca root, chrysin, lignan and nettle root extracts and black pepper is another good option for men. Together, these compounds encourage testosterone production and healthy prostate function.

Finally, don't overlook minerals like zinc and boron. Zinc is vital for hormone production in men by inhibiting testosterone to estrogen conversion and boron helps promote free testosterone production.

Are cruciferous vegetables good for hormone balance?

Yes! Cruciferous vegetables—the popular veggies on your dinner plate including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage—pack a powerful hormone balance punch. They contain specific health-promoting compounds for your cellular and hormone health. Unfortunately, most of those active compounds are lost during cooking and require chewing. And since many people aren't keen on getting leafy greens every day, taking a supplement to make sure you get everything you need might be a good idea.

The most popular cruciferous veggie found in supplement form is broccoli extract—and for good reason! It contains specific health-promoting compounds that protect your cells and promote healthy cell division. Formulas that contain watercress, rosemary and cabbage can further augment broccoli's healthy benefits. You should also look for formulas that contain DIM (diindolylmethane). A DIM supplement can help modulate estrogen metabolism and support healthy cell division.

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