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Life Extension Clinical Research

Life Extension Clinical Research

How do we do clinical research?

The medical and supplement fields promote: Better heart health, stronger muscles and bones, smoother skin, and so on. But how do researchers find evidence to support what might work and what doesn't? They learn through clinical research!

The scientific process is at the heart of everything we do at Life Extension. Your health and longevity are our passions, and we are committed to finding new ways to empower you to live a healthier, richer life.

But this goal isn't new. For more than 40 years, Life Extension has been at the forefront of medical research. Working for a healthier tomorrow is ingrained into our DNA, and that's why we've donated over $180 million toward the study of anti-aging and disease—with the ultimate goal of living a longer lifespan and better quality of life. Because of our commitment to science and to you, Life Extension has been able to help millions of people.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is designed to explore the potential of innovative nutritional supplements, medicines, topicals such as cosmetics, and medical devices. It includes the design of studies with an intense analysis of the peer-reviewed literature, management of clinical trials with an emphasis on quality, and mindfulness of safety for the volunteers who participate. Clinical research focuses on everything from research for medical treatments, nutritional protocols, disease prevention, diagnostic and screening processes to genetic studies.

Life Extension Clinical Research is a research organization engaged in innovative clinical research focused on helping people improve their health and well-being to ultimately extend the human lifespan. Our research answers questions such as: How can we optimize our formulas so your body can make the best use of the nutrients inside? Which compounds need further testing in clinical trials? What are the most potent ingredients?

How can clinical research benefit our society?

Clinical research can benefit society because it helps assess how to best improve the health and longevity of every one of us. Life Extension conducts our clinical studies with the goal of extending the healthy human lifespan and defeating disease. Our scientists work tirelessly to find treatments that can help people defy their biological age and enjoy long-term good health.

Our clinical research is primarily designed to explore the potential of innovative dietary nutrients and regimens designed to slow down aging. Our clinical research can also help discover the best therapy for health issues, new protocols for disease or discomfort, and best practices for health and longevity. The findings of clinical research studies could help people around the globe.

What makes our clinical research stand out?

Our research team is composed of industry-leading physicians, scientists, pharmacists, statisticians, data managers and clinical researchers who are committed to quality and ethics. They work to deliver superior ingredients and effective formulations that have a beneficial influence on your body and can be measured through scientific or even biological assessment. The ultimate goal is to help you achieve your best health and to maximize your lifespan.

Our clinical researchers are well-versed in clinical research methodology, regulations and guidelines. We study the latest published scientific findings to establish best practices to maximize the benefits of our efforts. We also have an in-house laboratory with experienced phlebotomists. Our research has led to our studies being published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Are clinical research studies safe?

Clinical research is done in stages to make it as safe as possible for our clinical trial participants. Formulations, ingredients and protocols are studied in a lab in preclinical trials before they are tested with humans in a clinical trial.

Clinical research vs. clinical trials: Are they the same?

There are varying opinions on what defines “clinical research” and “clinical trials.” An international council uses the terms synonymously, whereas the National Institutes of Health (NIH) distinguishes between the two based on study design. NIH defines clinical research as observational studies, in which researchers do not make changes to treatment in study participants. It defines clinical trials as interventional studies, which are considered to be higher quality and often compare treatment to placebo.

How do our clinical trials work?

Life Extension Clinical Research recruits generally healthy volunteers for in-person or at-home clinical research studies involving different aspects of health and longevity. Our studies are private, safe, and convenient.

Participants must be able to read, speak and write English, and be able to follow all study instructions (the study protocol). They are contacted by phone or email to schedule in-person interviews or video visits.

Participants are asked to follow the supplement plan and complete several questionnaires. They may receive complimentary dietary supplements and laboratory testing, blood pressure checks and compensation for their time/travel with a referral bonus also available

Trial participants should understand that a clinical trial involves testing a concept, and that questions may remain about some aspects of the research, such as side effects or ideal dosage. Also, if you are part of a control group (placebo), you might not benefit directly from the clinical research study, but you are contributing to the overall research. Talk with your study investigator about how the clinical trial process will be conducted.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial at Life Extension?

You can play an important role in the research process and be the first to potentially benefit from new protocols and supplement formulations, by participating in a clinical trial at Life Extension. Study participants play an active role that can potentially have a positive impact on the health and well-being of millions of people. Study participants also receive the benefits of participating, including:

  • Laboratory tests
  • Study product/dietary supplements
  • Compensation for time and travel
  • Referral Bonus Available: $50*

Participate in a clinical trial, and join us on the road to better health and wellness today!

*If you refer someone who completes the study, you will be compensated $50