Brain Health Supplements

It’s a no-brainer—if you want to keep your brain at peak performance, turn to brain supplements that support your memory, mental clarity, focus and attention, mood and more.

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Brain Health General

Support your cognitive health for the long haul and nourish your noggin with these brilliant choices for your overall brain function.

Memory and Cognition

Complementing your healthy diet with supplements that fight oxidative stress and offer neuroprotective benefits is a smart choice for your memory and cognition.

Attention and Focus

Focus on what counts with brain health nutrients specifically formulated to help provide mental clarity, a boost in attention and more.

Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals

Be kind to your mind with targeted nutrition from amino acids, minerals and even specialty vitamins (like vitamin B12).

What are brain health supplements?

We use our brains every waking and sleeping moment—keeping them in their best shape for the long term isn't just important, it's necessary. Luckily for us, there are some genius supplement choices to support your well-being and keep your brain working at its best!

Got an exam you want to ace but need to boost your attention? Focus on, well, focus supplements, including nootropics like astaxanthin and Bacopa monnieri, which support productivity and keep your mind sharp. Want to ensure that your memories truly do last a lifetime? Memory supplements like lithium promote healthy brain cells and support the natural process for clearing proteins from the brain—helping you keep all your precious moments front of mind.

Best supplements for brain health

All the supplements we mentioned are great options when it comes to supporting your brain health. But when it comes to specific needs, a few vitamins and supplements stand out. For general brain health, a comprehensive formula might be the way to go. Look for formulas that include brain-supportive extracts like sage for attention and memory, phosphatidylserine, a component of brain cells that promotes cognitive function and cell-to-cell communication, ashwagandha for stress relief and overall mental performance, blueberry extract for its antioxidant properties and its ability to fight age-related cognitive decline, and vinpocetine for healthy brain blood flow, memory, concentration and overall cognitive function.

Other standout supplements for brain health include all-around good-for-you omega-3 fish oil and curcumin extract, both of which offer neuroprotective benefits. As for vitamins, "B" your brainiest with vitamin B12 and folate, which maintain healthy homocysteine levels (key to healthy cognition). Meanwhile, lecithin is a rich source of compounds like phosphatidylcholine that help maintain healthy brain cell structure and signaling. Beyond these top-of-mind choices for a healthy mind, there are nutrients such as wild oat extract and green tea extract that are known to support optimal neurotransmitter function and a healthy mood.

Is pregnenolone good for brain health?

Pregnenolone is a great option for brain health. It is a neurohormone that helps maintain your mental focus, memory and overall brain function. It even has a reputation for supporting your mood and healthy sleep. Additionally, pregnenolone promotes healthy levels of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which influences overall brain health and the ability to learn and retain new information. This hormone also supports the formation of new neurons in your brain, a sure-fire way to maintain optimal function.

Unfortunately, starting in our 30s, our body's supply of pregnenolone declines with age—which is why supplementing is truly a bright idea when it comes to your brain health. You can typically find pregnenolone on its own, but if you have any other brain health needs on the mind, look for comprehensive formulas that include pregnenolone to ensure all your needs are met.

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Brain Health

Brain Health

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