Not Your Ordinary Calcium Supplement: The Benefits of Bone Restore

Three types of calcium—plus other bone-friendly nutrients

Healthy bone strength and bone density require calcium—but that’s not all. Nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin D3, and certain trace minerals help get that calcium into your bones where it belongs. That’s why we’ve created the Bone Restore family of bone health supplements: to give your bones what they need.

4 Reasons to Take a Bone Restore Supplement

  • Provides several forms of calcium for strong bones
  • Delivers nutrients like vitamin D as well as trace minerals involved in maintaining healthy bone density
  • Combines essential bone health nutrients into a single convenient line of supplements

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Our Recommendation

Bone Restore with Vitamin K2

Potent vitamin K & mineral formula for bone health

120 capsules

  • $18.00
  • $12.60
  • Save 30%

These high-quality bone health supplements provide the calcium you need to maintain strong bones and healthy bone density. We offer Bone Restore formulas with and without vitamin K, as well as Bone Restore Chewables in a delicious chocolate flavor (in case you'd rather have a treat than a capsule!).

Everyone's health needs are different—which is why we offer other solutions to support strong bones. Whether you need stand-alone vitamin D3 or a specialty formula, we've got you covered.

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What is Bone Restore?

Bone Restore is a line of bone health calcium supplements manufactured exclusively from Life Extension. In addition to several different forms of highly absorbable calcium, Bone Restore calcium supplements provide additional nutrients bones need to help absorb that calcium into the bone matrix.

What Key Vitamins, Minerals are Part of Life Extension’s Bone Restore?

Obviously, all of our Bone Restore Calcium supplements for bone health contain calcium. All contain multiple forms of calcium, such as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate malate and calcium bisglycinate. Bone Restore formulas also deliver trace minerals which are essential to the process of building and maintaining strong bones: magnesium, zinc, manganese, silicon and boron. Some of our Bone Restore formulas also deliver vitamin K and vitamin D3. Read the supplement facts to find out more!

Why Should I Choose Bone Restore?

To maintain strong, healthy bones, you need to get enough calcium. But not all sources of calcium are the same. Our Bone Restore calcium supplements help you get the calcium you need to maintain strong, healthy bones every day. They also deliver value-added nutrients that help bind that calcium into your bone matrix—a process called bone mineralization. It’s a good thing: without this process, bones become weaker and more fragile over time. Supplementing every day with Bone Restore can help!

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Bone & Joint

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