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How to save on your favorite supplements—every time

Choose AutoShip & Save and save an average of 16%*

Never run out of what you need to stay well! With our FREE AutoShip & Save program, you’ll always save off the retail price—in fact, Life Extension customers save an average of 16% annually* by selecting auto-delivery. You choose the delivery schedule, then modify or cancel any time—no strings attached! And shipping is always free, no matter how big or small the order.

Customize your AutoShip & Save

We ship to any address in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) regardless of order size.

LOWEST prices

Always pay the lowest price for your favorite Life Extension® products.

NEWEST formulations

Always receive the latest version of our innovative formulas.

AutoShip & Save Profile Manager

Designed to save you time and hassle, our intuitive AutoShip & Save Profile Manager makes managing your AutoShip & Save fast and easy.

Customize your AutoShip & Save

Add and delete products, manage your preferred delivery address or addresses, update payment information and more.

Deliveries based on your needs

Stagger your deliveries based on 30, 60, and 90 day supplies of your favorite supplements.

Change or suspend shipment dates

Change your ship-out date or deactivate AutoShip & Save deliveries until further notice.

Our AutoShip & Save program is FREE

There are no additional charges, you pay only for the supplements you order.


Call toll-free 1-800-544-4440

Or, read the FAQs below.

AutoShip & Save FAQs

A) AutoShip & Save is the easiest way to receive your supplements at the best price. When you sign up, your supplements will automatically be shipped to you at a frequency and date of your choosing. You’ll never have to worry again about running out of supplements, spending time reordering or waiting for a sale to get a discount.

A) You can conveniently set up AutoShip & Save for any Life Extension product through its individual product page. Just select the "AutoShip" option that appears on the right side of the product page, then choose the quantity of supplements and frequency of delivery. When you’ve finished making your selection, click the “Subscribe to AutoShip” button to complete the enrollment process. Or call our Customer Service department at 1-800-544-4440, and they will assist you with completing your enrollment.

A) There are no additional charges to enroll in the program. You only pay for the products you have ordered.

A) Yes. With AutoShip & Save, customers automatically receive the lowest price advertised on our website for any items they have purchased during the sale or promotion.

A) AutoShip & Save orders receive FREE shipping and handling for deliveries to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, no matter how small or large the order. Shipping and handling fees will be applied to all international deliveries, and any orders where you have upgraded to expedited shipping.

When you set up your AutoShip & Save orders, you can choose how you want these orders to be shipped to you, and you can change the shipping method on future orders. If you have questions regarding shipping charges, please contact Customer Service.

A) No, you can add as many items to your order as needed. You can also change the quantity of each item you want included in your order and how often you want these orders shipped to you.

A) The AutoShip & Save program is very flexible. For example, you can choose to have one product shipped to you every 30 days while another product is shipped every 90 days. You choose the day of the month and the monthly interval you want your product(s) delivered.

Please note that your orders will be shipped on the same day of each month. However, you can change the shipping day, place shipments on hold, skip a month, or cancel future AutoShip orders at any time.

A) You can add or remove items from your shipment at any time. Once your order has been delivered, Life Extension’s Customer Returns policy applies. If you aren't satisfied with any of our products, send them back. We offer a one-year, no-hassle return policy—simply return your purchase within 12 months from your original purchase date, and we will replace the product or issue a credit to your account.

A) Absolutely. You can place a temporary stop on your order for any reason. Just call Customer Service to place the temporary stop and indicate when you want to resume your shipments.

A) Yes. With AutoShip & Save, you can set up recurring shipments for different delivery locations and recipients.

A) If we release a new product formulation, but the original product still exists, we will continue to send the original product unless you contact Customer Service to specify what changes you want to make to your order. If the original product is no longer available, we will automatically send you the newest version or in some cases the closest comparible product within the same family of products. If an item has been discontinued, you’ll no longer receive it.

A) We securely store your payment method on file for future AutoShip & Save orders. You can change your payment method at any time. If your payment is declined, we’ll contact you for additional information.

A) We’ll go ahead and ship the rest of your order. Your payment method will only be charged for items we have shipped to you. When the out-of-stock item becomes available to ship, you will only be charged for that item at no additional shipping charge to you.

A) Yes. Once your payment has been processed, we will notify you at the email address we have on file for your account. We will also notify you on your specified ship-out date at your email address on file when your supplements have shipped.

A) Yes. However, wholesalers are not eligible for additional pricing discounts and shipping for wholesalers is restricted to the contiguous U.S. Wholesaler shipping charges will apply.

To enroll in AutoShip & Save, you must pay with a credit card, which we will keep on file for subsequent orders. You will always receive the lowest available multi-bottle discount price at the time your order is processed. And you will automatically receive the upgraded formulation of a product, unless you call us to specify otherwise.

All AutoShip & Save orders receive FREE standard shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping for Wholesalers is restricted to the contiguous U.S. only. Additional charges may apply for ship-to addresses outside the United States, or if you select expedited shipping.

Ship out date indicates the date that your AutoShip & Save delivery will leave our warehouse. Actual arrival dates of your AutoShip & Save order may vary. AutoShip & Save services are limited to 1 delivery per ship-to address per month.

Please note: Wholesalers may use the AutoShip & Save service, but will not be eligible for additional pricing discounts. Customary shipping charges will apply.

*Average savings based on the average AutoShip discount across all products.