Creams & Serums to Fight Wrinkles

How to minimize the appearance of wrinkles

As your skin ages, it is more important than ever to maintain normal hydration levels. That means moisturize, moisturize and, well…moisturize. Incorporating a serum that harnesses the power of plant stem cell extracts will help support the firmness and texture of aging skin. A hydrating serum is ideal for boosting the skin’s ATP production while firming and smoothing skin—for an all-around more youthful-looking appearance.

Also keep in mind that they don’t call those creases in your brow “worry lines” for no reason. It is important to remain cool under pressure and maintain healthy stress levels, which can accelerate premature signs of aging, especially forehead wrinkles. Take time out of each day to relax, decompress and unwind so you can look and feel your best from the inside out.


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The #1 ingredient to look for in restorative skin care products

When you are looking for advanced skincare products to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, try a collagen boosting serum or cream. Collagen is essential for youthful-looking skin, so replenishing collagen levels is key.

An advanced collagen boosting serum will not only help hydrate your skin, but may boost collagen production, encouraging your skin to stay smooth and youthful looking. Collagen peptides applied through a facial serum help smooth the appearance of wrinkles by 20%, while improving coarse wrinkles by 28%. Continual usage will help soften and smooth skin.

What is the difference between the Cosmesis serums and creams?

Serums, sometime referred to as actives, are in a water, hyaluronic acid base. They are a more intense product, less moisturizing than the creams and tend to be used in smaller amounts.

Should I use an eye cream for wrinkles?

When it comes to the skin around your eyes, you will need specialized products formulated specifically for this delicate area.

Support the sensitive skin around your eyes with essential peptides that promote overall smoothness and protect skin from signs of aging. Dedicated use of an eye cream will help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as inhibit collagen breakdown.

What can I do about my hands and neck?

Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles goes beyond just your face; it is important to take care of the skin on your hands and neck as well, which shows your age even more quickly since it’s less likely to be protected by a daily moisturizer with a sunscreen.

Fortunately, you can incorporate specific care for your neck into your anti-aging arsenal. Products that simulate collagen synthesis and help inhibit elastin breakdown are great for this delicate area. An anti-aging neck cream will hydrate skin with hyaluronic acid, provide protection against environmental exposure, as well as promote healthy skin elasticity and firmness.

For hand care, incorporate a cream with advanced peptides that rejuvenate and rehydrate skin. Natural compounds, including glucosamine and macadamia oil, are great for the skin on the back of your hands and wrists. A targeted formula will help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as rejuvenate skin tone and hydrate dry skin.

Reverse the signs of aging

Creams and serums are a great start to kick wrinkles to the curb, but it is also important to be mindful about lifestyle choices that may be doing more harm than good.

Restorative creams and serums help promote natural moisture levels, but you should also be hydrating daily with good ‘ole H2O. It is recommended to drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water throughout each day. Doing so will not only help your internal organs work at optimal levels, but will also help your skin appear more soft and supple. Yes, that’s right—an ordinary water bottle can go a long way towards naturally supporting hydration levels in your skin!

Lastly, say so long to artificial sugars and sweeteners, which can wreak havoc on your skincare efforts. Instead, opt for fresh fruits or fruit-based sweeteners that contain natural sugars as well as vitamins and minerals that promote overall health and wellness.

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